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Blackberry and cassis fruit with a black pepper finish, fermented with American oak for 1 month and transferred to neutral French oak for 1 year after cold settling without clarification or filtration. These grapes tie us to where my Yaya grew up playing in empty castles. As a child, I visited her hometown where the castle stood in golden fields of wheat. She told me of the proud people there who held out amidst the gravity of a totalitarian era; the shops once filled with cured meats, fermented olives, and sheep cheese, the annual fill of her plucked-feather bed, and the scythe cutting of the fields on a sunny summer day. This wine is a dedication to her heritage and shared family memories held dear to my heart.

42.5% Syrah, 37.5% Tempranillo, 15% Grenache, 5% Carignan.

2018 Corazon del Castillo Reserva

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